Fiberglass pools act as a natural insulator, requiring less electric/gas to heat the pool. Algae is less prone to attach to the smooth surface of a fiberglass pool, requiring less chemicals and maintenance.

Quick installation (3-5 days)
Permanent home improvement that can be customized to compliment your home and your lifestyle. Proven product with factory controlled quality. Flexural strength that prevents cracking in freeze-thaw climates. 17 times stronger than concrete. Smooth finish means no skin abrasions. Non-porous surface resists the problems associated with imbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance, labor, and electric and is algae resistant.

Vinyl Liner Pools
With a vinyl liner pool you will have a low initial cost, but over time, owning a vinyl liner pool can be extremely expensive. A vinyl liner pool is merely a temporary pool, not meant to last a lifetime. Liners will periodically need to be replaced and are highly prone to punctures, rips, and tears.

Gunite Pools
Gunite pools can be a permanent home improvement but are very costly to maintain. Although the design, or shape, of the pool is limited only by your imagination, the colors and features available with a gunite pool are very limited. It usually takes 4-8 weeks or more for subleased contractors to complete a gunite pool. Gunite pools require acid washing and need to be re-plastered from time to time. Because the surface is rough and abrasive, gunite pools are prone to be inhabited by algae and other microscopic bacteria. In addition to staining and discoloration, it is also very common for the concrete to show through the pools etching (edge). Gunite pools are also prone to crack in freeze/thaw climates. Along with monthly pool service, gunite pools require excessive amounts of chemicals and electricity for proper maintenance.

Fiberglass Pools
Although there are various styles and sizes available, fiberglass pools have limited shape and size limitations. Fiberglass pools are a permanent home improvement and can be installed in a few days. Fiberglass pools require less chemicals and maintenance than gunite and vinyl liner pools, and also use less energy. Due to the smooth finish of a fiberglass pool, there is no need to worry about skin abrasions. Fiberglass is the strongest type of pool available; it is 17 times stronger than concrete.

However, not all fiberglass pool manufacturers are the same. It is important to understand the benefits of a Composite Pools product and why Composite Pools is your best choice for a fiberglass pool.

Latham Pools has over 25 years of experience building quality fiberglass swimming pools that are built to last a lifetime. Latham Pools’ products are built using 21st Century technology and we are so confident in the quality of our pools, that they come complete with a lifetime structural warranty and a 7-year surface warranty. Latham Pools’ pools are 33% thicker than other fiberglass pools and monitored by a comprehensive quality assurance program. Latham Pools’ Vinyl Ester Resin formula means that your pool will have unsurpassed blister protection. Your safety is a concern at Latham Pools; our pools have textured steps and bottom and a convenience ledge in deep pools. Latham Pools also offers more options than other fiberglass pool manufacturers including Gemstone finishes, inlaid tile, perimeter tile, custom mosaics, cascades, perimeter fiber optic lighting, and in-floor cleaning systems.